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Your child’s mind is constantly ready to learn information and be active. At Kid’s Kastle Child Development Center in Somerset, KY, not only will your child constantly be working on fun new projects, they will also have access to developmental education and other academic opportunities every day. Children from newborn to age 12 will be welcomed to our child care center, and our dedicated employees will work one-on-one and in groups to develop your child’s physical and social growth. Our learning and child development center is also a daycare center, which can benefit you as a parent when you want your child to be getting the socialization the need and crave while you head out to work for the day. We get to know each of our kids to understand what they like and what they don’t like, as well as where their strengths lie.  


● Daycare 

● Education 

● Snacks 

● After School Care 

● Games & Activities 

● Tours 

Let your child expand both their intellectual and their emotional minds in a safe space where experienced staff members can keep a close and loving eye on them. Your kid will have the ability to make new friends at a young age, while being exposed to educational material that other children their age might not have access to. 

Contact Kid’s Kastle Child Development Center today to schedule a convenient time to meet with one of our highly trained and licensed child care providers to discuss how we can help your child learn and grow.